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Note: These are links to other Farscape oriented websites. If you have such a site and wish to see it in this list, any submissions would be welcome, if appropriate. Just click my e-mail address above, the subject will be already written for you.,

Erpscapers: Farscape fansite with episode reviews, forum, gallery (extensive), downloads, and games.

Farscape: Official Farscape website containing character biographies, episode summaries, downloads and merchandise.

Farscape Channel: Farscape Sci-Fi Channel website with summaries, biographies, a lexicon, downloads and a forum.

Farscape DarkScape: Farscape fan site with news, actor biographies, character biographies, episode summaries, lexicon, gallery and fan fiction.

Farscape Fantasy: Farscape fan site with fan art, fan fiction, music videos, episode summaries, reviews, interviews and forums.

Taste For Blue: Site dedicated to Zhaan and other female characters with fan fiction, games, Fashion Files, studies, Farscape crafts, downloads, Silly Captions and so much more...

TRANSCRIPTS FROM THE TERRACE Farscape fan site focused on transcripts.

Watch Farscape: Farscape fan community with Farscape news, activism, and forums.


Bluemyst is first and foremost a fan site dedicated to Farscape. Farscape is owned by The Jim Henson Company, Hallmark Entertainment and Sci-Fi Channel. I do not make any money from this, nor do I receive money from the advertisements. It is for pleasure's sake alone.

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