Fanfiction Archive

Welcome to the fanfic archive. Here, you'll find fanfic based on the crew members other than John and Aeryn. John and Aeryn might be in it but they won't be the main characters. Sorry any J/A fans, but there are enough fanfic archives focused on them.

In order to submit fanfic all you need to do is send it to me by e-mail and follow these rules:

Rule #1   The subject must have to do with Farscape.

Rule #2   I will not put up anything explicit. This site is for ALL Scapers. Even narls.

Rule #3   John and Aeryn may not be the main characters of the story. They may be in it, just like they may have equal importance as the other characters, but may not be the main characters of the story. The plot may not be focused around them, and finally their point of views may not outweigh the others.

Rule #4   You must give me a name to give you credit. NOT your real name, an alias please. Why? I won't put anything up without giving you credit, and an alias is for your personal protection, especially if you're a narl. There's no age limit here to submit, and I can't know your age anyways, now can I? So the alias insures all narls are protected from prying eyes.

Acceptable? Good.

Stories coming soon.


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